In and Out

Yesterday, our third and last Fulbright, Rich Raymond, arrived after being rerouted through Skopje and then bused to Prishtina. (For details of his arduous trip, read his blog.) A professor at Mississippi State, Rich will teach graduate-level English lit at UP. I’m delighted that he’s decided to move into the faculty dorm; his room is just across the hall from mine. We should prove good support for each other.

Today, our first Fulbright, Joe Rudolph, who taught fall term at AUK, was scheduled to fly back to the U.S. I’m hoping “no news is good news” and that he’s safely on his way back; however, the surface conditions here are still formidable. Joe returns to Towson State, where he teaches political science. Best wishes, Joe.

Current plans are for Rich and me to meet with the Embassy folks next week. I also hope to meet next week with UP administrators about the specifics of my assignment. My understanding is that I will teach “theory and criticism” (two double-period classes each week) and direct a smaller-scale musical, perhaps The Fantasticks.

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