Creature Comforts

What I miss from home…ease and comfort taken for granted…

  1. a double bed
  2. lots of fresh veggies and fruit and alternate proteins
  3. smoke-free buildings
  4. ice-free roads and sidewalks
  5. lengthy, hot showers
  6. friends and family

What I appreciate about here…using whopping generalizations that I hope may be true…

  1. they actually like Americans
  2. and speak some English
  3. and revere professors
  4. and don’t stay glued to televisions, computers, and cell phones
  5. and pay attention when they drive
  6. and do more with less and seem to appreciate what they have

And…I really love seeing friends here walking arm-in-arm and children playing outside with each other.

The picture of me was taken yesterday at a local coffeehouse by my new hall mate and fellow Fulbright-er, Rich Raymond.

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