IPKO is the Ma Bell here in Prishtina; however, I went with providers servicing or most convenient to the UP campus.


Using your U.S. mobile phone is outrageously expensive. Best to get a cheap mobile with SIM card for local calls. (I use SKYPE on my laptop to call phones in the U.S. for a small charge and to make free video calls.)

The Nokia “unlocked” phone I brought from the U.S. was the wrong frequency, and I had to buy a new Nokia here. 25€ for the most basic model. Note that the standard passcode on all phones is 0000 unless you change it.

My service provider is VALA, originally established by the U.N. and now provided by PTK. Go to a PTK (located on folding map) to register for and buy a pre-paid SIM card (5€ to start). You will need your passport to register. When your credit falls below 1€, you will need to add credit by buying a supplement card from a PTK.

Evidently, it costs a small amount to place a call but nothing to receive a call.

NOTE: If you have a laptop with internet, you can buy credit on Skype and call any landline or mobile number in the U.S. for less than 2 cents a minute! (A 16-minute call today cost me less than 50 cents.) Of course, you can Skype video call (computer to computer) for free.


There are two options: IPKO (reported to be the best) and Kujtesa (the only one to service the dorms).

With your passport, local address and phone number, you can set up an account and pay by the month. I pay 29€ per month for very fast internet and 80+ television channels. There are four package plans; mine is the least expensive one that provides wireless (wi-fi). So far, I have been pleased with my service.

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