Taxis abound and are comparatively inexpensive. Ask for meter for shorter trips. For longer trips (airport, malls, industrial zone) you probably will just be given (or given the option for) a flat rate (typically 5€), although airport trips will be much more.

There are taxi queues strategically located (and identified on the folding map). Hailing cabs is hit-and-miss. If possible, call for a cab but have a good sense or directions for where you are going. (See picture here with reference landmarks.)

  • Taxi Beki (044 503 603)
  • Taxi Victory (044 111 222)
  • Taxi Dallas (044 111 666)

Most trips in the downtown area will be around 2€.


Evidently, you just hop on and a ticket person collects .30€, which is good for the length of the trip on that particular bus. Note that these buses can be very crowded and, in turn, make you more susceptible to health and theft concerns.

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