The Green

Spring is arriving in fits and starts. A few green patches of grass have appeared, and the trees are beginning to bud. On a couple days, I’ve been able to forego a jacket (and even broken a brief sweat!).

The market shots are from my walk this afternoon through the “Green Market” located near the medieval clock tower and the oldest part of Prishtinë. This is basically a bazaar with farmers’ market and probably the freshest and cheapest produce in town.

The lacemaker is fascinating to watch. She perches on a stool and works with great focus and speed. Her lace is stitched rather than tatted or crocheted. How she does this, I cannot figure. Although she wasn’t comfortable having me watch her work, she was willing to pose for a photo after I had made my purchase.

I am not a haggler and really don’t know if it is the custom here; however, I have noted that, when I have a bill of X amount in my hand, vendors often will “bundle” an offer: “you can have this and this and this for that amount.”

The “old house” is located downtown (Qendra = Center). This is an amazing building: it is “living” cross section of Ottoman construction…and one ground-level quarter of the house is still occupied!

The outdoor cafes are also in Qendra not far from the Grand Hotel. I took these pics a week ago when the temp was in the 60s. On nice afternoons, these cafes (and there are dozens of them) are packed with coffee drinkers, who may sit for hours socializing.

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