Spring Break: Münster

Our spring break at UP coincided with Easter (Catholic, not Orthodox): we were off the two days after Easter, and I took Good Friday off as a personal day to create a five-day, long weekend.

I spent the first three days with my friend Caroline Thomas in Germany. Caroline moved to Münster many years ago to sing with the opera there. She ended up on faculty at a nearby conservatory and married a lovely German man, Peter. I rarely get to see her, but when I do, it’s like picking up where we last left off. I cherish our friendship and marvel at her talent and courage.

I flew from Prishtina to Vienna on Austrian Airlines, had a three-hour layover, then flew to Düsseldorf, and then took the train to Münster.

I hadn’t packed for the cold, wet, and windy weather, so I ended up buying some warmer clothes and sturdy, waterproof shoes–all very good quality and at least 50% more than I would have paid in the US.

We spent Saturday shopping and sight-seeing. On Sunday, we went to Easter Mass at St. Lambert, then took a long bike ride through the country, and ended with a long and leisurely supper joined by other luminaries from the Münster opera: Mark (American) and Suzanne (Australian). Delicious vegetarian food and delightful company!

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