Arbëria & Qendra

Rich on the Dragodan Steps.

For this Sunday’s stroll, Rich and I braved the Dragodan Steps, all 233 of them! Arbëria (“Dragadon” to the Serbs) is the hillside residential and government district where the US Embassy is located. Most of the Embassy’s workers live in this district, which has beautiful homes and stunning views of the city.

Qendra (Albanian for “center”) is the main downtown district with Mother Teresa Boulevard at its heart. This is a lovely area to stroll and sip macchiatos at one of the many coffeehouses.

Prishtinë has some fascinating architecture, but the city itself is virtually free of any conventional planning and zoning. The best way to navigate the city (by foot or taxi) is to know the names and locations of a few primary landmarks, e.g., Grand Hotel. Tip: If you are taking a taxi, write down the name of your destination (and a nearby landmark) to show your driver.

Pictures from our afternoon stroll are posted on Facebook.

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