Peyton & Dardania

Apartment block in Dardania.

Buses are the most efficient way to explore Kosova and the Balkans. If the day is nice, I like to walk from my apartment in Dodona to the Autobus Station, which takes almost 30 minutes but saves me the 3-5€ taxi trip. (If I didn’t take so many pictures, I’d get there faster.)

Note that buses are the most efficient and economical means of transport, but this doesn’t mean they are fast or necessarily comfortable. All make frequent stops and some lack a/c and ventilation. Always best to bring a bottle of water and be prepared to stand.

To get from the center of the city (Qendra) to the Autobus Station, you need to pass through the districts of Peyton and Dardania. Peyton is commercial and has lots of new construction; Dardania is residential and filled with high-rise, lower-cost apartments.

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