Tophania & Gjinaj

The weather has been so beautiful lately, that I decided to take a long walk after Saturday’s supper. (I also have discovered that the softer light at the end of the day is better for taking photos…and I’ve become quite a camera addict!)

Tophania begins at the base of hilly Arberia (Dragodan) and caps the north side of Qendra (“Center”). The district is visibly poorer and its buildings less maintained and unfinished. Children still play happily in the streets, and many folks sit outdoors on their narrow balconies.

Gjinaj continues to the east and caps the Old City with its Green Market and many beautiful old mosques. This is where the locals shop and the best deals can be found.

Although I look out-of-place (particularly with my camera), I enjoy the “normalcy” of daily life here…just poor folks trying eeck out a living yet so comfortable in their own skins and with each other.

Photos from my walkabout can be found on Facebook.

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