Memorial Day

Rich and Judy Raymond at Lunch

To celebrate Memorial Day, I had lunch with Fulbright colleague Rich Raymond and his lovely wife, Judy, who was visiting from the US. We ate at one of my favorite restaurants in Prishtina, Princess Gresa, where I enjoyed a thick slab of grilled Norwegian salmon. (Fresh salmon with sides is one of the most expensive entrees you can order in this city; still, my entire meal was less than $15!)

After lunch, the Raymonds and I walked a mile or better south to the Blue Market,  a permanent, covered bazaar wedged between several older buildings. I purchased a few items that I needed for my production and watched Judy interact with the merchants. A professor of nursing back in Mississippi, Judy is filled with a congenial and adventurous spirit that I so enjoy and admire. Then we walked a bit further to the city’s sole Catholic parish church (Shen Ndou), where I bought a rosary and St. Anthony medal for our play from a Slovenian nun. (Later, it was interesting trying to explain these items to my actors, all of whom grew up in a Muslim cultural context.)

Dodging a few sprinkles (it’s been raining a lot lately), we headed back toward campus, where I left the Raymonds. Then I slowly strolled northward toward home, snapping dozens of pics along the way and then enjoyed a brief rest before rehearsal.

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