Month 6 Begins

June at the National Theatre

Today marks the beginning of my sixth and final month in Kosova! Given that my classes have ended and my play has premiered, my last month’s schedule will be a bit different: some events are certain, while others are not.

I’m delighted that there still are parts of Prishtinë and surrounds that I haven’t explored yet…but I hope to before I leave.

June 19-22. Tomorrow, fellow Fulbrighter Rich Raymond and I leave on a three-night trip to Sofia, Bulgaria, via Macedonia. (The trip via Serbia would be shorter if we could get through the borders with our Kosovar stamps.) Due to the bus schedules, we must spend a night before and after in Skopje as I did with my trip to Thessaloniki. Thus, we will have only one night in Sofia itself.

June 23. This Saturday, I will present a workshop entitled Differentiated Instruction: Learning Styles and Multiple Intelligences at the KETNET Mini-Conference at the Ministry of Education for Kosovar teachers (of English).

June 25. This is my Aesthetics final: my students will submit final papers and projects. I then will meet that day and the next with my translator to deal with those writings in Shqip (Albanian).

June 27-July 4. I will be on a research trip to Athens, Greece. I will visit ancient theaters in Athens and central Greece, taking photos and recording video to use in my classes back in the U.S.

Early July. If there is a reprise of my Vietnam play at the National or a performance at the upcoming Pudojeva festival, then I must go back into rehearsal(s). Unlike the system we use in the U.S., plays here in Europe have a premiere but then may reprise during the ensuing months depending on anticipated demand and venue availability.

July 14-18. Festivali Ambiental Teatror (FAT): “Teatri Ndryshe.” I will serve as a juror and workshop presenter at a small, international theatre festival in Pudojeva (Kosova). At present, we anticipate 7-8 productions from Kosova and neighboring countries. My Vietnam play may be presented as a non-competing production, if we can work out the logistics. In addition to serving as juror, I will present two workshops.

July 20. I leave Kosova. No doubt, this will be bittersweet: I am eager to return to my friends and family in the U.S.; at the same time, I will be sad to leave my wonderful students here.

The following are some pictures from this past week here in Prishtinë. Enjoy!

(About the picture of the three ladies at President Rugova’s grave. The lady on the left is a Eulex judge from Finland; I sat beside her on a trip to Tirana. In the middle is her friend from Boston and her daughter, who now lives and teaches in Houston, Texas! It is a small world after all!)

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