Istanbul Airport

Welcome to Turkey!

I posted my final grades last night and, effectively, am finished at the University of Prishtina. I still don’t know if there will be a reprise of my Vietnam play or if we’ll be taking it to the upcoming Pudojeva festival…so…

I’m taking a week to explore the ancient theaters of Greece. As a theatre history teacher, this has been at the top of my bucket list for years, and now it will happen.

But, first, I have to get to Greece. This morning, I flew from Prishtina on Turkish Airlines to Istanbul, where I am (still) on a 7+ hour layover at Ataturk International Airport. With so much time, I figured that I’d take some pics to share with you.

The airport is big, modern, very clean and easy to get around. While it feels busy, it doesn’t feel crowded or frantic. There are lots of shops here, but they tend to be high-end and quite expensive. You may pay in euros or (Turkish) liras.

The most marvelous aspect of this airport is its internationality: there are people here from all over the world, and at least a third of the folks you pass are not wearing western clothing…kinda like Disney’s Epcot, but all under one roof at an airport!

I decided to pay 18€ (about $24) for entrance to the Prime Class Lounge…not really a “splurge” when you consider what I’d be paying in the food court for lunch, supper, and beverages. Plus, I have wi-fi, a comfortable and relatively quiet place to relax, and a locker to store my stuff when I take walks. If you get stuck here in the future, you should consider doing the same. (If you drink, there’s an open bar.) There are fancier lounges here, but this one is just fine for me.

Update: Return Trip

On my way back I had a two-hour layover at Ataturk. This time I decided against a lounge visit. I went to the Food Court, which was warm and crowded, and spent 37 TRY (almost 17€) for Asian stir fry, a large Turkish ice cream, and 2 bottles of water. I wish I had opted for the lounge.

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