Festivali Teatri Ndryshe

Opening Night

My last week in Kosova has been spent with the Festivali Teatri Ndryshe, a small, international theatre festival in Podujeva, Kosova.  This is the fourth year for the festival and is due largely to the efforts of Agron Gerguri, one of my playwriting students. Here is a summary of the past week:

Sunday, July 15 (in Podujeva)
Opening Ceremonies with Traditional Dance from Mitrovicë
Play #1 from Tiranë, Albania

Monday, July 16 (in Podujeva)
McTier Presentation: Introduction to American Theatre
McTier Acting Workshop: Shurtleff’s Guideposts
Play #2 from Peja, Kosova

Students from Acting Workshop

Tuesday, July 17 (in Podujeva)
Play #3 from Mitrovicë, Kosova
Play #4 from Romania

Wednesday, July 18 (in Podujeva)
Play #5 from Prizren, Kosova
Diaspora Celebration featuring traditional music, dance, and singing

Thursday, July 19 (in Prishtina)
Play #6 from/at National Theatre of Kosova
Exhibition Play #1 from/at Dodona Theatre

Friday, July 20 (in Podujeva)
Exhibition Play #2 from Tetova, Macedonia
Closing Ceremony and Awards

Diaspora Celebration

I am serving as a juror for the six competing plays. Due to my travel schedule (booked months ago), I am leaving tomorrow (Friday, July 20) and cannot attend the two exhibition plays or the closing ceremony and awards. My loss.

I would like to thank Agron for organizing this festival and the Mayor and Municipality of Podujeva for supporting it. I also thank the terrific young people who have staffed the festival. You all have made me feel so welcome, and I am so delighted to end my six months in Kosova with this wonderful theatre festival! Faleminderit shumë!

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