Mirupafshim Kosova

Goodbye Dinner (minus a few)

Last Thursday evening, I hosted a goodbye dinner at Rings Restaurant downtown. I invited all of my actors, theory students, and close colleagues. (Albanian tradition is that if you have something to celebrate, then you invite, host, and pay for the event.) Because the semester now is over, many had scattered to their hometowns or abroad; however, 15 were able to attend. We enjoyed a lovely meal and conversation and made a few toasts and presentations. The students gave me a beautiful book about Skanderbeg, an Albanian hero, who has a statue (on horseback) in most cities in the region. Then we were off to see the final production competing in the Festivali Teatri Ndryshe.

Now I am on the road for three weeks, slowly returning to the U.S. Already I miss these wonderful people, who grew so close to my heart. I will never forget them or the experiences we shared during my six months in Kosova.

Faleminderit shumë.

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